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Most of the five flags of the Confederacy that we carry are available in either cotton sewn or a thin polyester material.  They are all grommetted for hanging.

Do not be alarmed if you should see an original Civil War Print by well known artists priced much less here than anywhere else.  We are old school and so are most of our prices.

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S45 Original Wooden Sole Shoes
Other Assorted Stuff

Wooden Sole Shoes
Wooden carved soles, leather uppers, brass strips and brads, iron sole protectors. A piece of paper is glued to the bottom of thw right shoe and reads: "Made by slaves on my father's place for Wm M(H ?) Mansfield, Sheriff of Spottsyivania Co VA also a member of the 9th Virginia Cavalry. Was procured from Wm P Mansfield of Washington DC January 1906".