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Most of the five flags of the Confederacy that we carry are available in either cotton sewn or a thin polyester material.  They are all grommetted for hanging.

Do not be alarmed if you should see an original Civil War Print by well known artists priced much less here than anywhere else.  We are old school and so are most of our prices.

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EW87 Original Scabbard for M1854 Austrian Lorenz Bayonets
Edged Weapons
Original Scabbards-for use with Austrian Model 1854 Lorenz bayonets. These bayonets were used extensively by Confederates and some by the Union. The Bayonet Scabbards consist of an iron throat and balled iron tip, many of which were found locally as the body of the scabbard was wood with an oil cloth type cover. 4 Georgia Units (the 40th, 41st, 43rd, & 52nd) used the Austrian Lorenz along the Gilgal Church line near Kennesaw Mountain, I personally dug 3 bayonets from that local and many tips and throats over Cobb County. These scabbards are all intact and usable. Complete your bayonet and the price overall. (Have 17 total)